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UPDATED WITH RESULTS – Canadian Election Day Rapidly Approaching

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SVIAC Surveys Federal Election Candidates from the Local Ridings … With the country in the midst of a federal election campaign, the public are increasingly bombarded with political messages, party advertising and the media’s election coverage. The race to become the next governing party in Ottawa is high stakes and is heating up as we rapidly approach voting day, Monday October 19th, 2015. By the look of the polls the race appears to be very close amongst the three main parties.

Election, Fisheries, Conservation, SalmonMake no mistake, this election is important to all Canadians. Who governs and what policies that governing party pursues, will influence each of our lives. For eligible voters, filling out a ballot at election time is an important right and gives Canadians the opportunity to have their say. Many different factors influence voters when choosing a candidate or party.

Although angling and conservation may be considered low on the list of overall importance by some voters, to ardent anglers knowing where their election candidates stand on angling, fish and conservation issues is very relevant. For that reason SVIAC are conducting a survey of election candidates from the four major parties on South Vancouver Island.

Candidates from Victoria, Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke, Saanich-Gulf Islands, Cowichan-Malahat-Langford and Nanaimo-Ladysmith ridings have all been approached. We will be supplying survey response after our survey response deadline on Friday 9th October 2015

The candidate responses to SVIAC’s Election Survey can be found here … Results

The .pdf file of the seven survey questions can be found at this link here

– JdF Fishing Tournament – Derby Results and Winners

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2015 Juan de Fuca Fishing Turnament Results

SVIAC - anglers coalition - sooke salmon enhancement

Another year in the books for this derby and wow, what a year it was! Fabulous weather, great fishing and DFO regulations that allowed us to retain one large wild or hatchery Chinook. Over 300 fish weighed in (193 on day 1 alone) – 3 over 30 lbs, which is up from 2014 and about 70 more fish weighed compared to 2014 as well.

To left is this year’s lucky winner Jeff Richmond pictured with the winning Chinook. He took this 34.4 lbs monster with his fishing buddies on Sunday 21st June at Sheringham. When this behemoth was hoisted on the scale and a huge roar came from those gathered around the Pedder Bay weigh station when it became evident there was a new winning fish. It wasn’t bumped and Jeff takes home the $20,000 largest salmon prize. Well done Jeff!

Congratulations to all the winners – sincere thanks to all our generous sponsors and thank you too to all contestants and volunteers. Without you this event wouldn’t happen.

Our derby winners are:

Largest salmon overall – 34.4 lbs – Jeff Richmond – $20,000 from South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition
2nd largest salmon – 32.8 lbs – Sean Owens – $5,200 Alpine Group boat and motor package
3rd largest salmon – 30.4 lbs – Rob Hagel – $3,565 Yamaha outboard from SG Power
4th largest salmon – 29.4 lbs – Tyson Daniel – $2,500 Lake boat + elect. motor pkg from Langford Canadian Tire
5th largest salmon – 28.3 lbs – Jeff Brown – $2,200 Lowrance electronics package from Island Outfitters
6th largest salmon – 27.8 lbs – Vince Smith – $1,500 wall tent package from Polar Bear Equipment
7th largest salmon – 27.2 lbs – Joe Kadar – $1,500 complete halibut fishing pkg from Trotac Marine
8th largest salmon – 27.1 lbs – Vic Williams – $1,200 2 – 60″ high speed Scotty Downriggers from Scott Plastics
9th largest salmon – 27.0 lbs – Janna Jenkins – Islander reel & Sage rod – Islander and Island Outfitters
10th largest salmon – 27.0 lbs -Kody Wright – Yamaha portable inverter/generator from Sherwood Marine
Largest Hatchery Salmon – 21.6 lbs – Dave Purnell – $5,000 from South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition
Junior Angler largest salmon – 16.0 lbs – Zach Wetherell – $750 mountain bike from Brody, Marty’s Mountain Cycle and Advanced Collision
Ladies largest salmon – 27.0 lbs – Janna Jenkins – $1,700 Sooke Harbour House package
Largest Halibut – 50.4 lbs – Dylan Yakimovich – $2,500 Shockwave shock absorbing boat seat package

– JdF Fishing Tournament – Accumulator Weight and Banana Challenge

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(1) – ONLY FOR THOSE IN THE ACCUMULATOR CHALLENGE – The Accumulator Challenge exact weight this year is 26.3 lbs decimal – The full amount of the accumulator prize pool will be awarded to the first salmon legally caught and weighed at the official derby scale by an entrant registered in the derby. If not won this year this pool will roll over to next year’s accumulator

(2) – THE BANANA CHALLENGE – if you dare ;-) – To enter into the Banana Challenge you must provide a picture by email of you on the water in the boat holding a salmon with a banana in its mouth in one hand and your rod and reel in the other hand. Send your entries by email to or bring your camera or cellphone to the weigh scale and show us the picture in person. The winner will be announced at the award event on Sunday afternoon.

– JdF Fishing Derby Tickets – Get Yours Now!

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The Alpine Group Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament is Vancouver Island’s premier fishing event!

Some Tickets Still Available

With the Father’s Day weekend (Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of June) this great fishing derby is quickly approaching, the opportunity to get one of the remaining tickets is now! You can get tickets here online at this link, or at a number of our sponsoring partners including Island Outfitters, WiseBuys Fishing Supplies or by contacting Rollie at 250-213-3055 or Chris at 778-426-4141.

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition Premier Salmon and Halibut Fishing Tournament

THERE’S NO 85 CM SLOT THIS YEAR, so you can weigh in any large Chinook you catch legally

Big Prize Board

With $20,000 cash to the biggest salmon weighed in, $5,000 for biggest hatchery salmon and total prizes around $90K split between 10 largest salmon prizes and draw prizes, you could be a big winner!

Have Fun

What better way to celebrate the Father’s Day weekend with your dad, your son or daughter, friends, and family. The weather has been fabulous, the salmon are coming through, and your participation supports the ongoing efforts of SVIAC’s Chinook revitalization initiative. Look forward to seeing you on the water!


– One More Skipper’s Meeting Added

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We are inching closer to the Father’s Day weekend and the excitement is building around the Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament. For those ticket holders who have not yet registered or picked up their official event rules booklet, window stickers, T-shirt and ball cap or got in on the Team Jackpots and Accumulator contests, there is still time to do it.

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition Premier Salmon and Halibut Fishing Tournament

Tuesday June 16th, 2015 ……ONE MORE SKIPPER’S MEETING ADDED

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm …………….Skippers Meeting
_________________________Location: The Tally-Ho Sports Bar,
_________________________3020 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC
_________________________Skipper orientation and registration session:
_________________________Pick up for window stickers, custom t-shirts,
_________________________official event ball caps, rules booklets
_________________________and the opportunity to purchase the “Team Jackpots”


– Great News For Local Chinook Anglers

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Yesterday afternoon DFO released an update to 2015 Fraser Chinook management (the full release can be seen at this link). The announcement indicates that the cumulative catch of Chinook in the 8″ mess gill net Albion test fishery has produced sufficient fish to warrant expecting 45,000 to 85,000 Fraser stream-type Chinook to return this year. So far, since starting in April, the test fishery has caught 17 Chinook. This provides for regulations to be relaxed from Zone 1 (85cm slot) to Zone 2.

In previous years Zone 2 regulations have been: Two (2) Chinook per day greater than 45 cm., of which one (1) may be greater than 67cm. This means you will be able to retain one wild or hatchery Chinook of any size greater than 45 cm and one between 45 cm and 67 cm per day. We are waiting formal notification by release of a DFO fisheries notice confirming this development. And we hope this Zone 2 fishery opportunity is available for this coming weekend.

While this is a truly good news story for Juan de Fuca and Lower Georgia Strait anglers, once again, at the eleventh hour, the news comes down from DFO about the Chinook fishing regulations for the period mid-June to end of July only days before the fishery goes into effect. SVIAC is very grateful to the department for relaxing the Fraser Chinook regulations, but is still concerned by this late notice. We are aggressively seeking the approval of a proposal awaiting sign off by Fisheries Minister Gail Shea in this year’s Salmon IFMP. The proposal aims to resolve this last minute roller coaster ride awaiting regulation confirmation each year and permits Chinook anglers on the south island not to be plagued by the much hated 85 cm slot in June and July.

Anglers should await DFO’s formal regulations notice on Fraser Chinook to be announced to insure they continue to fish within the regulations.

Again this is a really great news story!


– Fraser Waste Facility Withdrawn

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South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition (SVIAC) was greatly relieved that Aevitas has withdrawn their plans to establish a hazardous waste recycling facility in Chilliwack. The facility was to be built on land abutting the Fraser River, with the real risk of a spill or run-off of dangerous chemicals entering the river. The Fraser is the longest river in British Columbia and is a home to Pacific salmon and trout as well as noted for its population of White sturgeon. Downstream of the proposed facility in Chilliwack are many miles of important fish habitat and areas where millions of juvenile salmon spend time rearing before migrating into the ocean. A spill of toxic chemicals into the river in that area could have had catastrophic consequences.

sviac SVIAC South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition

Anglers are conservation minded by nature and often the first to ‘ring the alarm bells’ if something isn’t quite right. The BC Federation of Drift Fishers (BCFDF) president Rod Clapton launched a campaign to block the approval of the toxic waste facility and went about building awareness of the potential problem. SVIAC joined the BCFDF in their campaign opposing the facility being built. First Nations and many other groups joined the campaign too.

SVIAC Director Thomas Cole Ret’d CPO, who is also President of the Amalgamated Conservation Society, spearheaded efforts to raise awareness locally in the Victoria area about the potential harm a facility like this could have on the health of the lower Fraser. In addition, Thomas organized a face-to-face meeting between BCFDF and the Honorable John Horgan, Leader of the Official Opposition, to seek his support to prevent the project. SVIAC’s Board of Directors also wrote a letter to the Honourable Mary Polak, BC Minister of the Environment, and the Honourable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations voicing our concerns and asking the province not to approve the project.

The Board is pleased that Aevitas conceded to the overwhelming opposition to this facility as planned. The SVIAC will continue to build alliances with interested partners to protect and enhance the Fraser River and its fisheries.


– 2015 Halibut Season News

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As of the uploading of this post, the 2015 halibut season is already open with a one (1) fish per day and two (2) fish possession limit, where anglers may possess one halibut up to 133 cms and a second halibut up to 90 cms.


a nice halibut by the boat

First of all, it is well worth noting how appreciative we are at SVIAC that our SFAB Halibut Committee were able to work with DFO and organize early notice that the season would commence on February 1st 2015.  And many thanks to DFO staff for agreeing to the February 1st opening!

The only potentially confusing thing for halibut anglers to remember is they are still fishing on your 2014 – 2015 fishing license, which doesn’t expire until March 31st 2015. This means that their annual limit of 6 halibut on this license must be honoured. Therefore, if someone had caught 4 halibut up to December 31st on their current license when the season closed for a month, that person can only catch two more halibut between now and April 1st when their new license kicks in.

The SFAB Halibut Committee has recently made recommendations to the SFAB Executive on what the full season should look like. Once the SFAB approved recommendations are in their hands, DFO will make the final decision on the halibut fishing for this year. Canada secured almost the same Halibut TAC for 2015, which is a remarkable achievement given that the IPHC initially recommended about 2 million pounds less. So anglers should not expect a great deal of change to the regulations for this year, but thank our lucky stars we have an acceptable halibut fishery during this time of low catchable abundance in the North West Pacific. We all hope the season will remain open until December 31st again. Expect a fisheries notice to come out shortly and confirm what the season regulations will be after March 1st.


– Credit Where Credit is Due

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Today South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition sent this email letter to Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. With Zone 2 Fraser Chinook measures now in place and anglers having the option of retaining a large wild or hatchery Chinook around the south island, we have an acceptable fishery during mid-June and July. We have avoided the unpopular 85 cm slot limit this year. A huge amount of effort was spent behind the scenes leading up to the Zone 2 announcement, by SVIAC, the SFAB and number of DFO staff. We believe credit should be given to all who played a part in maintaining our Chinook fishery.

Sent by email Thursday June 19th, 2014 8:34 a.m. PST
Title: Acknowledging the efforts of the Pacific Region staff

Thursday June 19th, 2014

Attn: The Honourable Gail Shea
Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
200 Kent Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0E6

Dear Madam Minister,

By this correspondence the membership of South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition (SVIAC) offer their sincere thanks to you and your Pacific Region staff.

The recreational Chinook salmon fishery around the southern tip of Vancouver Island is extremely important to the island angling community, as well as the many support businesses that rely on anglers for their incomes. So too is Father’s Day Weekend, as it marks the true start of the summer fishery and represents a meaningful social time for anglers young and old. With many Pacific salmon stocks returning in significant abundance, coupled with your department’s need to very carefully manage Fraser stream-type Chinook stocks of concern, your staff were faced with some complex and potentially disagreeable decisions to make this spring. However challenging that may have been, your staff were most mindful of our concerns here on South Vancouver Island and where possible, they did their best to accommodate our needs. For this our membership is truly grateful.

For our public fishery, the ability to retain a large Chinook is key, especially so during the mid-June and July periods of the year. In recent years an unpopular slot limit has deeply restricted our ability to maintain the expectation and opportunity of catching a large Chinook at that time, an aspect so vital to the psychology of angling success. Coupled with very late decision making as to which management measures will actually be in place, has resulted in much uncertainty. The Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB) and SVIAC have been working on a long-term solution to the aforementioned challenges and have a proposal, which we believe has merit, included in 2014/2015 Southern BC Salmon IFMP. SVIAC also recognizes the efforts of certain Pacific Region staff that assisted the Victoria and area SFAB committee in providing information and stock assessment data necessary to prepare an accurate proposal and also credit the staff who helped move our proposal through the lengthy IFMP process.

On behalf of the membership I thank you and your Pacific Region and acknowledge their willingness to go above-and-beyond in assisting the angling community in protecting the integrity of our important Chinook fishery.

Kindest regards,

Christopher Bos
South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition
102 – 19 Dallas Road,
Victoria, BC V8V 5A6
(778) 426-4141

– 2014 Alpine Group Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament Results

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The 2014 Alpine Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament organizing committee would like to sincerely thank all the participants and sponsors for making this first year a great success. And a special note of thanks to DFO for facilitating regulations that permitted the Zone 2 Fraser Chinook regulation regimen.

The event results are as follows:

Day One

172 fish weighed in (124 wild Chinook, 45 Hatchery Chinook and 3 Halibut)

Day Two

71 fish weighed in ( 39 wild Chinook,  28  hatchery Chinook and 4 Halibut)


Salmon Leader Board          

1             Alex  Smith         CH          29.8 lbs

2             Dan Hudon          CH         27.4 lbs

3             Suzanne Kerr       CH         27.0 lbs

(all above were weighed in on the 1st day)


Largest Hatchery Salmon

1             Nick Twinn          HCH       23.5 lbs

Largest Halibut

1             Justin Wilson       HAL      34.7 lbs


Congratulations to all our winners!

A huge thank you to everyone from team SVIAC

Bigger and better in 2015, that’s our plan