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UPDATED WITH RESULTS – Canadian Election Day Rapidly Approaching
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SVIAC Surveys Federal Election Candidates from the Local Ridings … With the country in the midst of a federal election campaign, the public are increasingly bombarded with political messages, party advertising and the media’s election coverage. The race to become the next governing party in Ottawa is high stakes and is heating up as we rapidly approach voting day, Monday October 19th, 2015. By the look of the polls the race appears to be very close amongst the three main parties.

Election, Fisheries, Conservation, SalmonMake no mistake, this election is important to all Canadians. Who governs and what policies that governing party pursues, will influence each of our lives. For eligible voters, filling out a ballot at election time is an important right and gives Canadians the opportunity to have their say. Many different factors influence voters when choosing a candidate or party.

Although angling and conservation may be considered low on the list of overall importance by some voters, to ardent anglers knowing where their election candidates stand on angling, fish and conservation issues is very relevant. For that reason SVIAC are conducting a survey of election candidates from the four major parties on South Vancouver Island.

Candidates from Victoria, Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke, Saanich-Gulf Islands, Cowichan-Malahat-Langford and Nanaimo-Ladysmith ridings have all been approached. We will be supplying survey response after our survey response deadline on Friday 9th October 2015

The candidate responses to SVIAC’s Election Survey can be found here … Results

The .pdf file of the seven survey questions can be found at this link here