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– SVIAC Membership Cards for 2016
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Over the last 3 years SVIAC membership has more than tripled and we are thankful for all our members support! In order to better serve our growing membership we are moving over to online membership management software called Groupspaces.

This new membership system will make managing membership faster, simpler and more accurate. To purchase or renew a membership all one needs to do now is log onto the SVIAC secure Groupspaces website on this website (Click here!), create your own private membership account, then pay for your membership via PayPal as one did before with online memberships through our website.

To get your new membership card all you need to to do is bring in your PayPal receipt to Gizmo’s Computers located at 774 Bay St, Victoria (by the Wendy’s on Bay St and Blanshard) for the time being. We plan to have a number of additional corporate member retail locations around the Victoria area to pick up your new card in the next several months.

When you get your new card you will notice that it looks different. It will have a new photo on it (as seen above), but more importantly, we have changed the format. It is now a punch card, where the month and year of purchase is punched out on the card to indicate when the card expires. Using this new format makes it much faster than waiting to get cards printed with the member’s names and then mailing them out via snail mail. Now members can get their cards within hours, instead of weeks. We will still mail out cards to the few members who are unable to get their cards any other way.

Using Groupspaces online membership will allow us also to keep our membership information, especially contact information more accurately and up to date. This means we can better keep you informed via our quarterly newsletter and emails on SVIAC events, projects, and important fisheries related information.