2015 Canadian General Election Survey

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition

SVIAC Survey of Election Candidates on Conservation and Fisheries Issues

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition contacted election candidates from the Conservative Party of Canada, the Green Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada from all the ridings on the south island. The ridings contacted were: (i) Victoria., (ii) Esquimalt – Saanich – Sooke., (iii) Saanich – Gulf Islands (iv) Cowichan – Malahat – Langford (v) Nanaimo – Ladysmith. We have received responses and are happy to share the details with our membership. We sent each candidate a survey form and asked for a reply by our Friday 9th of October deadline. After being asked for an extension by a number of candidates as they were very busy, we extended the deadline by three days.

NOTE: Some candidates did not return a completed Survey Form but did respond by email. SVIAC have included all those responses as well.

The SVIAC Survey Form sent to each candidate is available here …SVIAC 2015 Election Survey

The following are the survey results:

Riding 1 – Victoria

Conservative – John Rizzuti - NO RESPONSE
Green Party – Jo-Ann Roberts – Response
Liberal – Cheryl Thomas - WITHDRAWN FROM ELECTION
NDP – Murray Rankin (Incumbent) – NDP Standardized Response

Riding 2 – Esquimalt – Saanich – Sooke

Conservative – Shari Lukens – Response
Green Party – Frances Litman – Response
Liberal – David Merner – Response
NDP – Randall Garrison – (Incumbent) – NDP Standardized Response

Riding 3 – Saanich – Gulf Islands

Conservative – Robert Boyd - NO RESPONSE
Green Party – Elizabeth May (Incumbent) – Response
Liberal – Tim Kane - NO RESPONSE
NDP – Alicia Cormier – NDP Standardized Response

Riding 4 – Cowichan – Malahat – Langford

Conservative – Martin Barker – Response
Green Party – Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi – Response
Liberal – Luke Krayenhoff – Response
NDP – Alistair McGregor – NDP Standardized Response

Riding 5 – Nanaimo – Ladysmith

Conservative – Mark Allen MacDonald - UPDATED Response
Green Party – Paul Manly – Response
Liberal – Tim Tessier – Response
NDP – Sheila Malcolmson – NDP Standardized Response