Our Platform

South Vancouver Island has developed a platform to achieve our vision. We have developed a five pillar strategy to realize the changes we need.

       i.   Political Influence:

  • Meet, educate, and pressure politicians at all levels of government to support our cause.  Inform anglers and the community at large, where each politician stands on our issues.

     ii.   Alliance Building:

  • Unite fresh and salt water anglers, and bring together all the angling associations. Garner the support of the businesses that profit from fishing and reach out to like-minded individuals, businesses and NGOs.

   iii.   Activism:

  • Implement activities, campaigns, media initiatives and, where necessary, organize legal protests to further our cause. Host town halls, symposia and other gatherings that promote our cause.

   iv.    Legal Action:

  • In the event our wild fish or our angling opportunities are unjustly damaged by an illegal act or placed at too great a risk, our society holds the right to and will undertake legal proceedings to prohibit further harm and what is more will seek adequate restitution.

  v.     Media Resources:

  •  Establish a library of written intellectual property, case studies, and reports that relate to wild fish and our public fisheries for use in the education of politicians and the non-angling public. Where necessary contract professionals to produce scientific and/or economic studies that further the SVIAC vision.