About Membership

How to Become Part of Our Winning Team

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition (SVIAC) is a not-for-profit society that offers annual memberships to all those who want to support our great cause.  There are four membership categories currently available: (1) Annual Adult Benefit Program member, (2) Annual Corporate Benefit Program member, (3) Junior member, and (4) Association Member.

Please seriously consider joining our society and helping a great cause right now

About Membership

By becoming an annual adult benefits program member individuals, who are 18 years of age or older, will be able to take advantage of discounts and merchandise sales from SVIAC directly and all our participating Corporate Membership Benefits program supporters.  By becoming an annual Corporate Benefits Program member (on South Vancouver Island), your company’s products and services will be promoted to our entire membership base. For junior memberships there is no charge as our society sees the importance of including younger people today who will become the stewards of tomorrows fish resource.

PLEASE NOTE: Your online membership payment will be handled safely and securely through the PayPal payment system. Your can pay with Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or make payment from your own PayPal account.

If the membership is not for the credit card holder, please enter their Name, Address, Telephone and Email below
If this membership is for the card holder, simply enter “Same in both lines”

Receiving Your Membership Card

When you buy a SVIAC adult membership, you now have two options to receive your membership card.
1) – you will receive your members benefit card via snail mail within 30 – 60 days of the purchase or
2) – if you want to receive it faster you can bring a printed copy of your PayPal payment receipt to one of our membership vendors (Alpine Marine, Eagle Eye Outfitters, Gizmos Computers, or Island Outfitters).

Annual Corporate Benefits Program Membership – $ 500.00 cdn
Annual Junior Membership – $ no charge

As our annual junior memberships are free of charge to those eligible and as no money is required, we ask that you please send us your junior member information via the email form on our contact page at this link … Contact Us

Want to buy a membership but not online?

You can also fill out our membership application and send it by ground mail to us with a cheque or money order.  Download a membership application here.

Our Membership Benefits Program

Want an opportunity to save yourself money when buying quality merchandise and services? The SVIAC Membership Benefits Program is designed to do just that!

Your members benefit card will be accepted at our Corporate Membership Benefits program outlets for discounts and special purchases on select merchandise and services. Check out our Membership Benefits Program participants here and find out which companies are participating and what member benefits they offer.

Our philosophy … SVIAC want YOU to support our great cause and in doing so, we want YOU to receive a benefit for your loyalty. By saving money at our Corporate Membership Benefits program outlets, you can effectively get your SVIAC membership for free!  We trust this opportunity will result in you remaining a loyal member to our great cause for many years.

Example: Let’s say you spend $ 400.00 dollars a year or more on fishing tackle and fishing supplies. By using our Members Benefit Card Program at authorized Corporate Membership Benefits program outlets, you could get as much as a 10% discount on tackle and supplies. Therefore you will have saved the $ 40.00 cost of your annual membership in discounts alone. The net result is you are part of SVIAC for free. We know you will like that!

The example above illustrates how you can support our cause by buying a $40.00 membership, then recovering that expense in discounts.  But the real beneifit comes to all of us, because each new SVIAC member is one more name that we represent on our rapidly growing membership list.  This in turn helps SVIAC tremendously by being able to speak with the authority to government, because government take notice of the numbers of members you represent.  Please seriously consider purchasing a SVIAC membership today.  By joining, you will help us grow our membership base … and by doing so you’ll be helping us help the fish and the fisheries we all value so dearly … and you can do it all for free!