<b>South Vancouver Island Anglers Coaltion</b> is a non-profit society registered in British Columbia, Canada <b>Chinook Salmon are Crucial</b> to the public recreational fisheries on South Vancouver Island <b>Abundant Healthy Populations of Fish</b> that benefit all Canadians as well as the fish and wildlife who depend on them <b>South Vancouver Island's Public Fisheries Need All of Our Help</b> before they are lost for ever <b>We Are Anglers Who Care About Fish</b> and advocate for the protection of critical habitat

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition

    To ensure there are healthy abundant populations of fish for the benefit all Canadians for generations to come

    Government, at all levels, must be influenced to maintain and expand public access to Canada’s common property fish […]

    NEW – Learn more about SVIAC’s Sooke River Chinook Revitalization Initiative … coming soon

    To promote thriving, sustainable tidal and fresh water fisheries for the benefit and enjoyment of the public […]



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South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition Sooke Chinook Project


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